Ahlan Wasahlan…

I’m a muslimah who tries her best to worship Allah by obeying all of da kalmuLlah…Still trying to utilize all of da asets dat I have; my time, my money, my youth, my energy & etc. only for da sake of Him…I’ll never be dissapointed easily by homosapiens but I do will greatly dissapointed if I lose Him in my entire (recent+eternal) life…Plus, I also live to make myself benificial toward da ummah which really rely on us to bring Islam back!

Name given was Khairun Nisaa’ Bt Mohd Nor…currently finishing my study at Universiti Malaysia Sabah under 4 years-programme; Bachelor Agriculture sc (Hons.) (Horticulture and Landscaping) from School of Sustainable Agriculture..Eldest child among 8 siblings…keen in anything related to activisme and idealisme…Once hold post as Vice President Hal Ehwal Wanita (HEWI) before selected as The President of Siswazah Muda ABIM Sabah (SISMA). Now served as Vice Secretary of Kumpulan Pelajar islam Terengganu (KEPITAR)…That’s all =)


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