BiG GuRL D0eSN’t CRy


Up until n0w still w0nder if I’ve gr0wn up 0r n0t…Physically? 0f C0urse YES but da way 0f thinking and judging still under b0tt0m line..S0me tym feels like I’m big en0ugh t0 deal wif my 0wn life but s0me tym still feeling i’m unable t0 stand 0n my 0wn feet…Em0tion? Still can’t handle it really well…Still s0me tym act childish 0r f0olish…

When I turn t0 0ther guys wh0 a little bit 0lder than me…i envy them f0r their mature in behaviour and thinking…Can’t I bec0me like dat 0ne day…There’s tym I could act like a big sis t0 protect others…I w0uld sacrifice myself  f0r da benefit 0thers…but, when it c0mes t0 my 0wn pr0blem, I’m seriously can’t cope wif it…I need s0me0ne wh0 can sh0w  0r guide me until I find da s0lution…

People re expecting t00 much …Their expectation s0metym w0uld lead t0 huge burden 0n 0ur back…T00 much thinking ab0ut what others say w0uld make us surr0unded wif d0ubtnesS…Always d0ubt whether we re gud en0ugh…

A matured or gr0wn up pers0n would ‘ve n0 pr0blem regard to dis matter…but f0r s0meone like me wh0’s her life always being determined by others, da d0ubtnesS is like a part 0f me…

H0w to deal? CRY but, big gurls d0n’t cry…S0. h0w supp0se I’ve to do? Tears w0n’t fade da pr0blem…it juz act as temporal healer…

Need t0 gr0w up faster fr0m now…never wan’t to be a loser…wanna b da winner…

After dis must act like a big gurl where BIG GURL…abs0lutely DOESN’T CRY!!!


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