~Heart sp0ken With0ut LieS~


S0metymes we might say dat we w0uld accept what had been fated..we might say dat we c0uld endure all 0f dis, all 0f  dat…but h0w far dat it w0uld remains? H0w far it w0n’t change ? There re tymes where we feel  like we’re strong en0ugh to endure everything..we didn’t need any0ne t0 crry 0n 0ur lives…we try t0 convince t0 0urselves dat we g0nna make it…alth0ugh we know dat we g0t to indulge all 0f d pains al0ne…we try t0 stand straight, raise up our head…sh0wing people h0w t0ugh u re, h0w fine u re…but..HEART ACTUALLY SPOKEN WITHOUT LIES…

Why must hide what we feel?

Why must pretend when u don want to…?

Can’t we be honest at least juz once…honest with our own heart…how many tyms we gonna lie n lie t0 ourselves? Not everything can b d0ne soly by 0ur selves…we needs c0mpani0ns, c0mpani0ns who  would t0gether with us bear all d pains , share all the cherish moments…A companion not generally w0uld be a L0ver, it cn b a true fren…A true fren worth than anything else on d wh0le universe…

Walking alone is juz like u heading forward without u really aware 0f what obstacles u would face which might restrict ur j0urney..only when there’s s0meone ar0und u, w0uld remind dat there’s a thorn we need to get rid off, there’s a drain where we need to jump high…there’s a tree f0r us t0 shelter…d j0urney w0uld b safer n there’s a possibility dat we would arrive at our desired destination…dis is a simple analogy dat i cn giv to indicate how preci0us the value 0f frens in my life…

I got my final destination where i wish to reach there n i believe all of us would has d same g0als…INNALILLAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJI’UN…From Allah, we enter to dis w0rld, to Him also we w0uld return to…i keep travel all 0f dis years, travel t0 seek His forgiveness, blessings n mercies..endure all of d trial n tribulations…raise again when falling to d ground, stand back although alm0st collapse…all of dat have been mixed up together until d pains were faded n healed on their on..until i realize dat….

I might head up t0 d wrong way,

i might get wrong decision n judgement al0ng d j0urney,

i might lose clues for the next path…


Bcoz n0 one ar0und me dat cn remind, cn tell me “Please do dis”, “Please don do dat”…So, i juz continously walking with no hint, no guidance smilarly like walking on a dessert where u wish t0 find d main water s0urce but since u’re alone, d efforts w0uld b such meaningless n helpless…

Then, once again i realize…

If  i have d Almighty Him to guide my journey but…how about when i reach d final destination, w0uld i st0od there with0ut companions…w0uld i bear to endure d same feeling of loneliness…i need frens…i need to bring along my frens which on dunnia there never fade up to advice me, never worry to scold me for my own gud, always motivate me up at d tym where i could feel dat my feet could not stand n could not even touch d ground…I need them to eny0y d cherish m0ment which w0uld fade away all of d sadness, rinse off all of d tears…

So, please don walk away from my life if u has ever once entering into my life…i realize dat i could’t catch up with u guys n sometyms i can’t even make a promise since i’m afraid dat i might break d promise…but do know dat, Alhamdulillah i could stand straight, bear all d pains, smile at d very best dat i cn bc0z i got u guys…Please don hesitate to scold me or advice me when i did wrong if u really luVvs me n wanna me blessed by d Almighty Lord…I hope i would end dis world by hving my very best companions n entering the other world with my very best ever companions, Insha Allah…Ameen




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  1. I am sorry if I am not around to remind you…
    Allah will always at ur side…
    I am also in the same boat..
    all the feelings of needing someone to keep reminds me and understands the responsibility that I need to hold and never see me as someone that is great as the core badar 313 or someone that is totally crap.. i need frens, not followers nor haters…
    Damn sad..but this is the way Allah told us that we have to refer to Him first than His creation..
    think this way~ Allah wants to teach you, moulding your characters-so you will be stronger each time you meet Him in ur solat, darling…
    Always remember.. I love you, but Allah love you most..
    flying with loves from egypt, Farhana…

  2. No need to say sory frhna..i also s0metymes can’t reach u, but my heart does…seeing u ok,would giv me a great c0urage..I know Allah is really close until there’s no way i can escape myself from Him…jom kte mjahadah btul2…one day if we mke it to d t0p insha Allah, we need to push up great eff0rts t0 help d deen…i’llwait u patiently with sabrun jameel, frhana =)

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