Insha Allah….


To all people who might feel losing hope, feel al0ne, feel like aband0ned, feel like alm0st da wh0le w0rld’s not destined f0r you…d0 believe dat Allah is always by 0ur side, Insha Allah…alth0ugh we might endure all da tro0ubles but if da end…, da pr0mised 0ne is s0methin’ w0rth than all of da universe…What else we h0pe f0r? (I d0 feel dis n i believe s0me 0f u might caught in da same sh0e as mine)

Insha Allah…

Insha Allah…

Insha Allah…

He will sh0w me da way…please do not let me go astray…

please keep me 0n da right path if dis da 0nly path i have…

i wanna be str0nger alth0ugh deep in my heart it will h0ld s0 much pains…

da stronger i wanna be da m0re i feel da w0rld is not meant f0r me

But He d0 hear, n He’s da 0nly 0ne dat w0uld understand me da best than any0ne in da wh0le universe~

Hear dis…>>>>


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